A Drone for Selfies. The Hover Camera will follow you around and record your entire life.

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In auto-follow mode, the camera and software track people’s faces, locks onto them, and then follows them.

The Hover Camera has four propeller blades and a camera on its front, Meng Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics, prefers to call it a “flying camera” rather than a drone.

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Enclosed in a rigid, lightweight carbon fiber chassis, the Hover Camera hovers in the air, capturing your life. Whether that’s walking down Fifth Avenue enjoying an ice cream cone on a sweltering hot day or mountain biking off some cliff, the Hover Camera wants to be right there next to you without you needing to fiddle with complicated remote controls to fly it.

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The Hover Camera — which people will inevitably call a drone, anyway — is relatively small. It only weighs half a pound and doesn’t require an FAA drone registration to fly.

“We wanted to build products that are portable,” MQ says. “It’s very light. This is significantly smaller than any other drone devices out there on the market in this class. The main design consideration is portability, user friendliness and safety.”

The device’s carbon fiber enclosure protects its blades from giving anyone unexpected haircuts and the foldable design makes it easy to travel with. The Hover Camera, battery and charger fit neatly into a small protective case.

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The Hover Camera’s coolest feature is, no doubt, its ability to autonomously follow a person and record video of them, but you can control it manually with an app using gestures.

A two-finger swipe up and down on the screen controls the altitude. A one-finger swipe up and down moves the camera’s one-directional gimbal up and down. Swiping left and right with one finger controls yaw and swiping left and right with two fingers shifts it left and right, respectively.

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More fun: You can throw the drone into the air. MQ and I played a round of “hover frisbee” where we threw the drone back and forth. Buy one here: