Vegas Real Estate Broker Takes Down Craigslist Scammers In New Reality Show

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Real Estate Justice portrays Las Vegas Real Estate Broker Tony Keep, along with his team of tough guy and sexy gal agents, in action selling luxury homes and high rises by day, and flushing out con men and grifters by night – then turning them over to law enforcement.

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Tony Keep and agent Sarah

Producer Chris Debiec, Who Has Worked On Four Films With Director James Cameron Including Ghosts Of The Abyss And Expedition Bismarck, Describes The Show As Follows:

“Justice is served up hot against the bad guys in Las Vegas! A high-energy team of vigilant and heroic agents, led by a no-holds-barred leader, uses the latest technology in surveillance and investigative techniques to aid local law enforcement in catching real estate con artists, scammers and squatters red-handed, and bring them to justice, Real Estate Justice!”

Keep, who operates Las Vegas Real Estate Brokerage Horizon realty Group, has 20 agents, and is no stranger to the shocking and sometimes dangerous situations that he and his agents have encountered, especially during the high foreclosure years. “When listing and selling vacant homes that are the result of foreclosures, running into hookers, dope dealers, transients, squatters, aggressive con artists and even wild dogs left behind by former owners have all been part of the job”, Keep says.

He continues: “The biggest scam in Vegas is con artists who advertise vacant houses on Craigslist, presenting them as their own properties. The scammers will gain access to the houses with tools, meet the victims at the properties and then do a quick all-cash transaction and disappear into the night. Many of the victims are people with poor or no credit who think a cash deal is the way to go, but soon find out they’ve been conned”.

Now the con artists have more than the police to worry about as Keep and his crew are on patrol.

Click to view the Sizzle reel below: