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NFL Quarterback Converts To Islam, Won’t Stand for National Anthem | The Last Refuge

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A controversy has erupted today because San Francisco 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up during the playing of the national anthem.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” ~ Colin Kaepernick

So what exactly is going on.  Well, there’s a little more to the story than most are willing to accept.  The media and the NFL will avoid these discussions like the plague, but what the heck – the Truth Has No Agenda.

Kaepermick 3nessa 2

During the off-season Colin Kaepernick converted to Islam.   Colin Kaepernick is also engaged to Black Lives Matter activist and hip-hop radio personality DJ Nessa Diab. Black Lives Matter as an activist group is synonymous with promotion of authentic Islam.

In the social justice arena, there is no daylight between the various BLM activism groups, and activist Islam.   They are interwoven amid every controversial eruption over the past six years.  We have tried to draw attention to it numerous times, but many don’t fully grasp the scope of the relationship between radical Islam and Black Lives Matter.  It’s a symbiosis, a complete synergy in activism and intent.   

Kaepernick is now a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior (SJW) One of his tweets:

According to NFL players who are friends with Kaepernick, Colin and NessA Diab are going to have a traditional Muslim wedding.

It is not accidental that Nessa Diab -a BLM/Islam activist- and Colin Kaepernick cross paths, and meld ideological interests, especially when you consider the geography, the San Francisco area.  Nessa also attended the University of California, Berkeley.

Nessa began her career in San Francisco as the night time on-air personality before she was offered the position at Hot 97 in New York City. (link)

From Kaepernick’s Instagram during his conversion:

kaepernick 2

Remember the San Bernardino terror attack by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik? Who was the corrupting influence in that radical relationship?  [ Hint, it wasn’t the guy. ]

Think this analysis is nuts?  Think it’s off the mark?   Go scroll through Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram account HERE (while you still can), and you can visibly identify the evolution of his conversion… or could that more aptly be called the “radicalization” of him?

You decide.

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♦ Colin Kaepernick Twitter AcctInstagram Acct.

It’s a big boost in the conversion bona-fides for BLM promoter Nessa Diab:

nessa 1

It is said she has two brothers.   Who are they?

Source: Controversy Erupts After NFL Quarterback Converts To Islam and Refuses To Stand for National Anthem… | The Last Refuge