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For The Very Rich Only – Most Popular Luxury Submarines – Born Rich

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Loitering around the race-courses and five-star hotels used to be the most favorite pass-time of the filthy rich in the society a few years back. But now, the luxury playgrounds include deep-under the sea, to the high peak of Himalayas, to the deep spaces of the Universe.


Living under the sea in private-owned submarines is the latest fad among the super-rich. A few months back, we introduced you to the top 12 high-tech luxury yachts. These megayachts are majestic, royal, breathtaking, and simply graceful.

The sub-aquatic playgrounds have become the latest maritime attraction for many of the richest people around the globe. Very much like the luxury yachts, the submarines are catching the fetish of the billionaires of the society. Forget the Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Ferraris and private jets and cast your beady eyes at some of the most popular luxury submarines.

Source: For billionaires only – Most popular luxury submarines – Bornrich