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Obama/Hillary Destroyed the Soaring Dreams of JFK and Millions of Children by Cancelling NASA Programs/Space Shuttle Under “Budget Cuts”. Continue to Give Billions to Iran, Illegals and Terrorists.

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As a result of President John F. Kennedy’s political will, the Space program became the most complex, most advanced, most successful, most beneficial technology endeavor ever undertaken by the United States.

It put the country decades ahead in every aspect of technology, and its effects, the technologies that came directly out of it, are now an indispensable part of our world: From the development of new metals and microprocessors, to clothing and medicine, the Apollo program touched every single aspect of our lives. Those developments are responsible for your smartphone, your desktop computer, your television set, and even your winter underpants.


But most importantly, the Apollo program inspired generations of kids to become scientists and engineers, indirectly pushing technology even further. There was never a more inspiring challenge than to conquer the stars, and our kids thought the same.

Like the program itself, that inspiration also brought long term benefits to the US economy. It made American universities thrive with new talent eager to push technology forward. We—not only America, but the entire world—are still enjoying the benefits that those students and the ones who followed brought to all of us decades after Apollo ended. Those kids went to work at IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Boeing, Lockheed, and the thousands of high tech companies that bring us the amazing technology that we use on a daily basis.

Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton canceled the majority of the Space Program, including the Space Shuttle program in 2011. Obama claimed in speeches before he was President that the Space Program would “achieve new heights”. But like every other promise he made, he did not keep the promise and instead cancelled the program. The official story was “budgets cuts” but since then billions of dollars have been given publicly and secretly to:

1) Millions of illegal immigrants who get free welfare and illegal relocation assistance with over $46 Billion wasted since 2009 when Obama took office;aa

2) Iran, who was just illegally given $400 million in cash in an illegal ransom case, and hundreds of millions more in secret deals;

3) Funding for mosques worldwide including $700 million in The Middle East and Europe;

4) Over $1 Billion given to The Muslim Brotherhood since 2013




In fact there are too many ways to list all of the waste that Obama/ Hillary have inflicted our taxpayers in this article.  Read about at least one of the astonishing stories of waste here:

Obama Admin Claims They Already Paid Additional $1.3 Billion Ransom to Iran But Refuses to Give Info on Money Transfer