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Donald Trump’s New Five-Minute Fiery & Patriotic “Declaration Of Independence” Video.

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Donald Trump makes a passionate and fiery plea to American voters in this historic speech in which all of the threats to America’s survival as a nation are laid out in simple terms with dramatic video. He describes the combined threats to our survival and how our country has been greedily stolen from us by Foreign Banks, Foreign Powers, Wall Street Banks, Giant American Media Companies, Giant American Corporations, and Power Hungry Career Politicians – all in it together for their own personal profit.
He promises to put Americans first and asks that we remember that he has a lifetime of building things and creating jobs, and although he’s not perfect, he is indeed not a mindless, soul-less puppet like Hillary Clinton and Obama are, and he loves the United States of America.

Video Courtesy of The Alex Jones Channel, Alex Jones and Infowars.com.