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Predictable Outcome. Monmouth Poll Release: 1) MSM Picks Up Predictable Results, 2) Creates Narrative, 3) Chris Wallace Uses It In Debate.

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What really scares the manipulators, people paid to deliver propaganda, is when the general public gains the necessary skill set to deconstruct their foolish efforts. Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of a professional ‘gaslighters‘ than people who become inoculated against their objectives.

Last Friday we noted, and predicted, an easily visible attempt coming from a notorious pollster who has been laid naked on more than one occasion:

monmouth-poll-1Monmouth University polling is pure electoral psychological manipulation done by pollster Patrick Murray.  Visit his twitter feed @PollsterPatrick and you will easily identify his progressive intents and objectives.

patrick murray 1He/They became ridiculously predictable.

For well over a year we have outlined: •A) exactly when he would drop his polling (always as the lead-in to a debate), and •B) what the outcome of that predictable polling would be 100% of the time.  The objective of this insufferable crew is to always sell pro-Democrat (Hillary Clinton) narratives.

Monmouth, as a polling outfit, NEVER show the baseline raw data, and never show the assumptions they insert into their methodology.  As a consequence, don’t believe for a moment that today’s release will be anything dissimilar than their prior historic nonsense.

In addition, we can further guarantee this will be the case today simply by looking at what action Patrick Murray and Monmouth have taken -ON A SUNDAY- prior to their poll release:


Hey Patrick, this only makes you look worse – AND PROVES OUR POINT !!

It is important to understand why this polling release is so critical for Monmouth.  The way the entire rigging works is someone has to first ‘create’ the narrative, that’s where Monmouth comes in.  Then the media promotes the narrative; that’s the critical role of the MSM in pushing the narrative through the poll.  Lastly, Chris Wallace (Fox debate moderator) will use a combination of the polling release, along with the narrative, to frame his questioning during the debate on Wednesday.

It’s just how they roll.

This is probably the most important polling release that Monmouth has ever put forth.  Thus our interest last week in surveying the landscape for its appearance.

All of the left-wing UniParty and corporate messengers have pre-established narratives locked and loaded and ready to fire as soon as Patrick Murray releases his polling result.  This has all been carefully planned and scripted for weeks, it doesn’t take any real effort at communication between them to know what to do.  It is simply a ‘wash-rinse-repeat’ effort.

Correct the Record (CTR), and David Brock are waiting for this release.  In turn they will dispatch their MSM talking points, telling the media what aspects to emphasize and put focus on.  [Sharyl Attkisson gives you the historic play-by-play HERE].

Obviously, at this writing, we have not seen the release.  However, the content is transparently predictable.  The key element to take away is to know that none of this is disconnected, there is a larger objective at work, at least a weeks’ worth of MSM talking points are built upon this Monday release.   That’s also why Monmouth and Patrick Murray are so twitchy about their ruse being exposed.

When you know the game (the rigging per se’), you can inoculate yourself, your family and friends to the anxiety that stems as an outcome of their approach…..



Source: The Last Refuge